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Bark Painting | Period: c1960 | Material: Bark
Period: c1960
 Bark Painting | Period: 1920s | Material: Bark
Period: 1920s
 Bull Roarer - Spirit Board | Period: Pre WW2 | Material: Wood and shell
Period: Pre WW2
Ceremonial Adze | Period: Pre Independence | Material: Wood and rattan
Period: Pre Independence
 Ceremonial Dance Mask | Period: Pre 1950 | Material: Timber
Period: Pre 1950
 Drum - Kundu Ceremonial | Period: Pre WW2 | Material: Wood and lizard skin.
Period: Pre WW2
Geometrical Drawing Set | Period: Prob. late 18th C | Material: Brass in Inlaid Rosewood Case
Period: Prob. late 18th C
 LumaPlax AutoBox Screen | Period: c1966 | Make: LumaPlax
Period: c1966