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Leadlight Panel | Period: c1920 | Material: Glass lead light
Period: c1920
 Linesman's Tool Carrier | Period: c1935 | Material: Iron and Tin
Period: c1935
 Mantle Radio | Period: c1940s | Make: STC | Material: Bakelite
Period: c1940s
Racoon Mount | Period: c1980s
Period: c1980s
 Retro Vase | Period: Retro c1960s | Material: Pottery
Period: Retro c1960s
 Sunbeam Iron Box | Period: c1930 | Material: Tin
Period: c1930
Towel Rail- Coat Rack | Period: Retro c1980s | Material: Plastic
Period: Retro c1980s
 Toy 'Blinking Bear' | Period: c1980s | Material: Plastic
Period: c1980s
 Warthog Trophy Mount | Period: c1970
Period: c1970