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Ampersand Internet

Mark at Ampersand Internet did all the programming/coding for the web site you are now looking at and did an absolutely fantastic job of turning what was really just a bunch of scribbles on paper in to the site it is today. For further details about Ampersand Internet, please see their web site:



N4VA (Graphics Design)

Fabiano at N4VA must have torn his hair out dealing with us - he is used to creating modern, funky, digital designs and logos - and we asked him to create something defining (ok) but simple (also ok) whilst keeping with our business and the fact that we specialise in things from the past and therefore not-so modern or funky (oh-oh). However, I am sure you would agree the design of our logo, the colour palette and other design elements used on this web site, on our building signage and in our advertising are a credit to his skills but also his flexibility! For further details about N4VA, please see their web site: