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Some Things Owners of Antiques and Collectables Should Think About

25 June 2011

[The following is a paper that IAC director, John Mildwaters, was requested to give to Retirees at the 2011 Ipswich Home Show]

In my various jobs, I have dealt with ‘People With Antiques’ who were in a variety of situations; most pleasant, some neutral, occasionally sad. I will use those three situations as a framework to address some of the things I believe owners of antiques and collectables should, at least, think about when considering the future.

The pleasant aspects of antiques and collectables are many, including -

  1. The not to be underrated pleasure of simply owning and living with beautiful things.
  2. Keeping artefacts as a way of preserving links with family history.
  3. The financial benefits of furnishings that hold their value rather than becoming worthless after a few years.
  4. Not having to redecorate as fashions change - antiques never go out of fashion.
  5. The environmental plus - antiques are constantly recycled and any carbon costs were extinguished years ago.

General things can include -

  1. Maintenance and preservation.
  2. Insurance.
  3. Recording.
  4. Valuation.

The sad things can include -

  1. Loss of the items.
  2. Forced disposal.
  3. Estate planning.
  4. Family disputes.