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Arts (19)

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Alan Forbes Print | Period: c1997 | Make: Alan Forbes Artrock | Material: Paper
Period: c1997
 Ambrotype Photograph | Period: c1870s | Material: Brass framed.
Period: c1870s
 Barron Falls Photograph | Period: 1920s | Make: The Regent Commercial Co, Brisbane | Material: Sepia photograph on board.
Period: 1920s
Dali Book Plate | Period: Art Deco c1949 | Make: Salvador Dali
Period: Art Deco c1949
 Framed Advertisement | Period: 1990s | Material: paper
Period: 1990s
 Framed Motorcade Photograph | Period: c1929 | Material: Paper
Period: c1929
Framed Print of Jesus | Period: c1920s | Material: Carved oak frame
Period: c1920s
 Hugh Schultz Print | Period: c1950 | Make: Hugh Schultz | Material: Framed print
Period: c1950
 Louis Icart Lithograph | Period: c1930s | Make: Louis Icart 1888- 1950 | Material: Card
Period: c1930s