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Anodised Soda Syphon | Period: c1950s
Period: c1950s
 Bluemels Bicycle Pump | Period: c1950s | Make: Bluemels | Material: Metal
Period: c1950s
Period: 1930
Brass Padlock | Period: Victorian c1900 | Material: Brass
Period: Victorian c1900
 Butter Churn | Period: c1970 | Material: Timber & 5 Ply
Period: c1970
 Calabash Pipe | Period: Edwardian c1910 | Material: Calabash with Meerscham inner.
Period: Edwardian c1910
Cased Manicure Set | Period: Art Deco c1930s | Material: Bakelite handles
Period: Art Deco c1930s
 Cedar Apprentice Chest | Period: Victorian c1880 | Material: Red Cedar
Period: Victorian c1880
 Child's Carpet Sweeper | Period: Depression Era c1930s | Material: Various incl. timber, pipe cleaner, dominoes and wire
Period: Depression Era c1930s