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Ethnographic (18)

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Grinding Stone | Period: Pre- Contact | Material: Stone
Period: Pre- Contact
 Parrying Shield | Period: c1910 | Material: Wood | Aboriginal Parrying Shield - close up of front
Period: c1910
 PNG Spirit Board | Period: c1950s | Material: Various natural
Period: c1950s
PNG Spirit Board | Period: c1950s | Material: All natural
Period: c1950s
 Snake Carving | Period: Early 20th Century | Material: Hardwood
Period: Early 20th Century
 Spear Head | Period: c1970s | Material: Wood.
Period: c1970s
Spear Thrower | Period: Mid 20th century | Material: Wood.
Period: Mid 20th century
 Spirit Door Guard | Period: c1920s | Material: Wood.
Period: c1920s
 Throwing Club | Period: 19th century | Material: Ironwood
Period: 19th century