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Glassware (19)

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Crystal Bowl Set | Period: c1930s | Material: Cut crystal
Period: c1930s
 Crystal Comport | Period: c1950s | Make: Stuart | Material: Cut crystal
Period: c1950s
 Deco Float Bowl | Period: Art Deco | Material: Black glass
Period: Art Deco
Depression Glass tray | Period: Art Noveau c1920s | Material: Pink glass
Period: Art Noveau c1920s
 Depression Glass Vase | Period: c1930s | Material: Glass
Period: c1930s
 Emu & Gumtrees Comport | Period: c1926 | Make: Crown Crystal Glass Co | Material: Carnival Glass
Period: c1926
Pair Cased Vases | Period: Victorian | Material: Cased red over white glass.
Period: Victorian
 Ruby Glass Vase | Period: Victorian | Material: Ruby glass
Period: Victorian
 Uranium Vaseline Glass Vase | Period: Edwardian 1910 | Material: Opalescent Vaseline/ Citrine Glass
Period: Edwardian 1910