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Jewellery / Antique (26)

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Nephrite Jade & Marcasite Brooch | Period: c1935 | Make: Handmade | Material: Sterling Silver, Nephrite Jade & Marcasite
Period: c1935
 Pinchbeck Photo Pendant | Period: Victorian c1860 | Material: Pinchbeck with bone carving
Period: Victorian c1860
 Planinum & Diamond Hoop Band | Period: c1920s | Make: Hardy Bros. Handmade | Material: Platinum & Diamond
Period: c1920s
Platinum & Diamond Ring | Period: c1920s | Material: Platinum band set with diamonds and sapphires
Period: c1920s
 Rose Gold & Diamond Brooch | Period: Edwardian c1910 | Make: Handmade | Material: 15ct Rose Gold, Platinum & Diamonds
Period: Edwardian c1910
 Snake Bracelet with Ruby Eyes | Period: c1920s | Make: Handmade with cast snake heads. | Material: 14ct yellow and white gold and rubies.
Period: c1920s
White Gold, Pearl & Diamond Ring | Period: c1920s | Make: Handmade | Material: 18ct white gold, pearl and diamond
Period: c1920s
 Wish Bone Brooch | Period: Edwardian c1910 | Make: Handmade. | Material: 18ct gold, sapphire, ruby, diamond and seed pearls.
Period: Edwardian c1910