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$624.00Moorcroft Bramble Revisited vase

Moorcroft Bramble Revisited vase | Period: Contemporary | Make: Moorcroft | Material: Pottery | Moorcroft Bramble Revisited vase Shape 104/6
Photo: Moorcroft Bramble Revisited vase Shape 104/6
Product:Moorcroft Bramble Revisited vasePrice:$624.00
Origin:Stoke on Trent UKMake:Moorcroft
Size:15 centimeters tall
Condition:As new, complete with original box
Additional Comments:

Moorcroft Bramble Revisited pattern vase
Shape 104/6 (6 inches tall)
Designer: Alicia Amison

WITHDRAWN: 9 June 2017

This item has been withdrawn from sale but we may have something similar available for sale that is not listed on our web site - please contact us to discuss.