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Clothing, Sewing & Linen (62)

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Victorian Ladies Jacket | Period: Victorian c1900 | Make: Handmade | Material: Black silk and lace
Period: Victorian c1900
 Vintage Flapper Summer Dress | Period: c1920s | Make: Handmade | Material: Silk
Period: c1920s
 Wedding Dress | Period: c1960s | Make: Handmade | Material: Lacy brocade with red flowers on edges
Period: c1960s
Wedding Dress and Veil | Period: c1980s | Material: Satin, beaded brocade
Period: c1980s
 Wertheim Sewing Machine | Period: c1875 | Make: Wertheim | Material: Various incl cast iron and inlaid timber
Period: c1875
 Winter Dress | Period: c1970s | Make: "Dressy Dresses" | Material: Yellow Wool
Period: c1970s
Winter Jacket & Skirt Ensemble | Period: 1950s | Make: Handmade | Material: Wool Blend
Period: 1950s
 'Yugar' Baby Cap | Period: c1900 | Make: Wieger | Material: Various fabrics
Period: c1900