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Ipswich Antique Centre and Cafe appear on Must Do Brisbane

23 June 2014


Must Do Brisbane have listed the Ipswich Antique Centre as a 'must do' destination for anyone living in Brisbane or travelling to Brisbane.

Front Page of Must Do Brisbane featuring the Ipswich Antique Centre CafeFeaturing the Ipswich Antique Centre Cafe on their web site main page accompanied by the text "Tucked away in the impressive Ipswich Antique Centre (in the restored Uniting Church Central Memorial Hall) is its in-house café. It’s not news to the centre’s customers, who’ve no doubt been tempted..." they have written two separate articles specifically about our Centre:

1. Must Do Brisbane - Ipswich Antique Centre

"... How’s this for some of the selections on offer? Australian Colonial furniture, Australian and New Guinean ethnographics, a retro room full of fabulously kitsch 1950s and ‘60s items, bric-a-brac, movie memorabilia, vintage clothing, jewellery, haberdashery… and the list goes on. Oh, and there’s the counter area that contains several museum-quality pieces of furniture..."

(article covering the Centre as a whole)

2. Must Do Brisbane - Ipswich Antique Centre Cafe

"... It’s very pleasant sitting under the chandeliers as you enjoy your food and drinks and gaze around at the nearby antique stalls..."

(article focussing on our Cafe)

Also, in a general article titled 'Must Do Brisbane's Adventures in Ipswich' we get the following mention "... the splendid Ipswich Antique Centre with an in-house café that does high teas."

Our thanks to Vicki Englund (author) and Hilda Strojil (Photographer) for the fantastic articles and lovely photographs; and the whole team at Must Do Brisbane for listing and featuring us as they have.