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Rare items pop up [The Ipswich Advertiser]

6 April 2011

[from article in The Ipswich Advertiser, published 6th April 2011]

{Photo with article captioned: SO COOL: Cribb and Foote "fan" Janine Aggett, of North Ipswich, with the rare find at Ipswich Antique Centre.}

Vital pieces of Ipswich history have been unearthed at the Ipswich Antique Centre.

The two paper fans, circa 1929, advertise an 80th anniversary for the city's Cribb and Foote store.

Ipswich Antique Centre spokesman John Mildwaters said Cribb and Foote was opened in 1849 as the London Stores, and its main building on the corner of Bell and Brisbane Sts was a centre for commercial activity until it burnt down in 1985.

The antique centre's own building at 86 East St was largely funded by the Cribb family, who were supporting members of the Congregational Church.

"The fans would have been giveaways and very few would have survived" Mr Mildwaters said.

"They are for sale and came from a local estate sale."

Mr Mildwaters said genuine old items from individual businesses were quite rare.

"Ipswich memorabilia in general is highly sought-after" he said.


[Scanned copy of original article with photo]